IMR helps companies to understand the process of sponsorship and works with rights holders to realise the full potential of their assets.

We adapt global best practice to clients regardless of size and experience, working to clear objectives.

For sponsors

  • We work with you to define clear business objectives, often looking beyond traditional brand marketing.
  • Where brand development is key, the requirement is behavioural change in the target audience. We advise on property selection, research, staff allocation and activation spend.
  • Our managed approach also delivers powerful results for internal communications and business-to-business relationships.

For rights holders

  • IMR helps rights holders to value and market their sponsorship assets. We identify relevant sponsors and present the business case for investing, saving time and money in the sales process and maximising the rights value.
  • We profile fans to create recruitment and loyalty programmes.
  • IMR has unique expertise in using stadia for conferences, events and as a community hub. We advise on club shop operations and merchandise.



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